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I said I would talk about what happened with Steve in my previous post and then forgot too…lol So here it goes.
He started getting a pain in his neck on Friday night. Saturday he called me and asked if I could get him from work because it was so bad. He had a call into the nurse line at Kaiser. They finally called him back and said to take ibuprofen and go see his Dr on Monday. (gee they were a lot of help) He came home and fell right asleep. The following morning he still had the pain and then noticed swelling along both sides of his neck so he headed over to urgent care. Four hours later the Dr said he has Laryngeal Disease (Steve says they hand that name out when you have something wrong with your Larynx but they don’t know what), she thinks his thyroid might possibly be irritated and she wants him to get an u/s of his thyroid and he had blood work done and to see his normal Dr on Monday. Well I called fist thing today and of course they have nothing so he has an appointment tomorrow morning.
So once again I know nothing of what is going on with him. Obviously something is wrong with his larynx but we don’t know what. I’m totally confused how she could think/tell his Larynx is irritated and wanting to run all these tests.

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  • tara

    wow! I hope you guys get some answers soon!

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