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Creating Unique Mothers Day Gifts with YesVideo

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Those three kids are my heart. They made me a Mother and it is the greatest thing that has ever happened to me. Mothers Day had never really been a big day for me, not because I don’t love being a mother but because I always felt I didn’t need a gift just because I was a mom. For me every day was a gift, one that I have been very blessed to receive. But (you knew there had to be a but coming right)in 2009, six years after becoming a mom I received my first Mothers Day gift from my son.

As soon as we got home and he gave me my gift I took a picture of it. I know it’s hard to read so here is what the card says “Thank you for loving me. Thank you for cooking breakfast. Love Stephen”. A long with the card he gave me a plant in the most adorable little planter that he painted. Yes I cried, and my heart swelled at the most perfect gift I had ever received. I told him I would cherish it forever and never throw it away. The idea behind it was solid, except that part of my gift was a plant and sadly I have a black thumb. I took such good care of my little plant, I even somehow managed to keep it alive for almost a year but one morning I woke up and found the plant wilted and just not looking good. I had no idea what could have happened since the day before it seemed to be doing so well. And then I noticed the planter. It was molded. ::::Insert tears:::: I knew it had to be thrown away. I had to break my promise of keeping that gift forever. You may think I was over reacting a little but I am very sentimental and an emotional person and it was my very first Mothers Day gift. 
Every once in a while I look back on these photos and I am so glad that I snapped a quick picture because now I have a way of remembering that special gift as if it were yesterday. And now I have turned it into a tradition of sorts. 

Each year if my children make me a Mothers Day gift I photograph it. This was last years gift. Warning, if you are the type that easily cries you may need a tissue when you read the poem that was attached to the back of his hand print.

One thing that I absolutely love about receiving gifts from my kids that they’ve made at school or home is that they are all unique Mother’s Day gifts. There will never be one that is exactly same. Even if they have the same concept behind them they are all different because the person behind it is not the same. And who knows, maybe when the kids are older I will take all of these photos I will have collected and make a gift for my kids like a DVD. YesVideo offers tons of services in preserving your memories to DVD’s, whether it be via video tape, film, memory cards or prints. They do it all. In addition to being online they are also located in several major retail stores. And of course you can find them on Facebook and Twitter: @YesVideo and even Pinterest Be careful on Pinterest though, they have a bunch of amazing boards on there and you may spend hours just browsing through.

*This post was sponsored by YesVideo in honor of Mothers Day. All opinions expressed here 
are my own.*

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