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Chop chop, it’s all gone

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I have held firm that I will not cut my youngest hair for over three years now. He has some of the best hair, long ringlets and it’s seriously just awesome. The downside, tangles. Lots and lots of tangles which turns into a hard time getting him to sit still to brush his hair. I have been thinking lately of getting it trimmed but never went to do it. I may or may not live parts of my life in denial so not everything gets done as planned. What can I say, I am stubborn. Well hubs wanted to take our oldest for a hair cut and asked our youngest jokingly if he wanted his hair cut and of course he says yes. So off we all went.

A little history. Since moving here within the first week I had over 20 people tell me what a cute girl he was. At first I would just politely tell them “she’s” a BOY and move on. When hubs heard it he was not happy and of course wanted to chop his hair. While he was getting his hair cut a lady was talking to hubs and again called him a she and when he was done was like oh I’m so sorry I thought he was a girl. FINALLY the hubs realized it’s not just his hair it’s his face. He has a baby face and I think that contributes to outsiders confusion.

She asked how we wanted it cut and I told her just a few inches, my hubs says to the ears, I retort with absolutely not that’s too short and we end up with it being about two inches shorter then I wanted and even shorter then the hubs asked for. 
About three inches (possibly more) gone

My handsome man. I was good with this lengt

The end result.

He looks so different but at the same time so much more like his big brother did at this age.

I can’t deny the cuteness of my boy, long hair or short but you do have to admit that it is a drastic change, and I miss those curls!
But hey it’s hair and hair does grow back.
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