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JORD Unique Timepieces for a Lifetime

**Disclosure: I have been provided with a JORD timepiece for the purposes of this review. I have not been compensated in any other way. All opinions expressed here are 100% my own.**

Helping people and giving gifts to those I care about has always been something I’ve done. For me it is not about the cost, the gift itself, or the occasion. It’s about doing something nice for others.  Seeing the happiness on their face is an added benefit, but not the why behind it. I was recently approached by JORD to partner with then and have the opportunity to receive a hand crafted watch, and I immediately knew who I wanted to gift it to. When choosing such a timeless piece, you want to take the person who will be receiving it into consideration. I never really thought about this until I was looking at their wide selection and I realized you could cater to the person in the actual piece itself.

While browsing I came across the Conway piece and I just knew this was the one. It has a gorgeous dark wood band and encasement, pared with a burgundy face, it is an amazing combination. And the photo’s online don’t do it justice. It is even more beautiful in person, an absolutely stunning combination of colors which makes for a perfect blend of masculinity and functionality. When considering which piece would best work for you, make sure to take into account what your daily routine is. For someone who does manual labor this particular watch may be best suited for a nice night out, not for work. But for a business man, it could would work perfect for every day use.

One of my personal favorite things in receiving this time piece was the box it came in. You’re probably thinking what is so special about a box. Oh no no no, allow me elaborate for you. It is not just any ordinary box, it is a cedar humidor box. For those that aren’t familiar, a humidor is box provides controlled air flow. So while your timepiece is in the box, as it is made of wood, you don’t have to worry about anything happening to it. Not only is it completely functional, it is almost as beautiful as the watch itself.



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This box is beautiful 😍 #jordwatch

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Are you ready…. I have partnered with JORD Watches to give you the opportunity to toss your name in the hat to win a $100 credit towards a beautifully hand crafted watch of your choosing! JORD watches offers a variety of unique wood watches, free shipping worldwide, and they even have Apple bands if watches aren’t your thing. And don’t forget, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are right around the corner. A JORD timepiece would make a wonderful, lifelong gift for your loved one. Click the handy dandy little link below to enter!

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A winner will be randomly selected and sent an email immediately with the winning code. As an added bonus, everyone who enters the giveaway will also be emailed a 10% off code!


~Most watch back plates can be engraved! All Cedar humidor presentation boxes are engravable as well!

~The watches may be sized for the recipient

~Many watches have additional options for customization–mixing and matching faces and woods!

~Every watch comes with a one year warranty and options for return & exchange

~Free worldwide standard shipping!

Be sure to check out ​JORD’s collection of men’s watches

Wooden Wrist Watch


Starting the year off right with Diet-to-Go

Every year, I always say I won’t set resolutions because I never stick to them, and so, for the last few years, I haven’t set any. But this year I am breaking my own rule and setting one. It’s a general one, but it’s still one  important to me.

Be healthier
There are many ways for me to start being healthier, but the first step  I am taking is eating healthier. I am not the most unhealthy eater. I eat a lot of salads; I love fruits and vegetables and  have cut my portions way down from what they used to be, but there is still room for improvement. To help me kick of the new year right, I am trying out a three- day supply of meals from Diet-to-Go. Diet-to-Go is a diet delivery service that was recently rated the number ONE diet delivery company by Epicurious. Yes, I said Epicurious as in the awesome food website. I love they offer three different types of menus: low-fat, vegetarian and low-carb.  They also have twenty different plans to choose from. With such a huge variety there is sure to be something for everyone. Another thing that I think is great especially for those that have wanted to try out a diet delivery service is that with Diet-to-Go there are no cancellation fees, no commitment or contract, AND they have a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

“The goal is for customers adopt habits that lead to sustainable healthy eating and healthy weight long after leaving Diet-to-Go. It is not enough to be the best tasting. We believe the product must be priced to be accessible to customers who have grown accustom to cheap, processed, unhealthy foods. We have worked hard to control cost everywhere in our business other the food. This allows Diet-to-Go to deliver quality, delicious fully prepared and ready to eat meals, for as little as $6.81 per meal. This is the best price/quality value on the market, bar none.”

I know my biggest worry in using a diet delivery was will the food really taste good?
Well, if you have been seeing any of my recent tweets you may have noticed me all but drooling over my meals that Diet-to-Go sent me. Okay, I may have actually drooled over a few of them. I am slightly picky on my food, when it comes to bell peppers in my food I like them to still have crunch. If they are soft or stringy I won’t touch them. So I will be honest here, when I cooked my first meal – the Fajita Omelet –  I was a little apprehensive about trying it. But am I glad I did. It was divine.  Seriously, the eggs were light and fluffy, not rubbery at all;  it was smothered in cheese (you can never go wrong with cheese) and the bell peppers were all crunchy!

Meal 1 Breakfast: Fajita Omelet with a side of artichokes

Meal #2 Dinner: Spaghetti Pie. Spaghetti topped with parmesan and mozzarella with a side of cauliflower. Again, cheese, you can’t go wrong there and the cauliflower was nice and crunchy.

Day 2, Meal #3 Breakfast: Mushroom and leek strata with chicken sausage, peach yogurt and V8. I have never had a strata before but I may be addicted. This was so good, it was beyond good, I could eat it for breakfast lunch and dinner.

Day 2, Meal #4 Lunch: Since I didn’t eat my lunch from yesterday I switched the days around and ate this Turkey Sandwich. And when I say turkey, I mean like fresh, shaved-cut of turkey. No processed lunch meat here. I only ended up eating half the apple and half the sandwich I was so stuffed.

Day 2, Meal #5 Dinner: I LOVE BBQ and I never get to eat it since no one in my family seems to enjoy it. So colored me excited when I got a BBQ meal complete with BBQ chicken, green beans with almonds, roasted red potatoes, baked beans, and of course. BBQ sauce. Soooo much food here I barely made a dent in my plate.

So yeah, as you can see by the photos above, the food is amazing! I am going to be sad when I run out of meals from Diet-to-Go. It’s been such a nice experience not having to worry about what to cook and having it all ready for me, complete with nutritional value to see exactly how many calories I’m eating in a day. It has helped me start off on the right foot in my goal to becoming a healthier me in 2013.
Right now, in celebration of the new year Diet-to-Go is having a 1,000 meal giveawayThe Grand prize is free Diet-to-Go meals for a month (10 Winners) and the 2nd prize is for free Diet-to-Go meals for a week (25 winners). You can enter here. And for you, my readers I have a special gift. Simply enter newyear2013 on your order to receive 25% your first meal plan. The coupon is only valid from today January 1st until January 8th.
My final thoughts: 
Would I recommend Diet-to-Go as a good diet delivery service? Absolutely! Not only are they affordable but with their great selection of plans and menus and the very tasty and filling food I think they are an all around sound company and I would definitely recommend their services.  
*FitFluential LLC compensated me for the Campaign. All opinions are my own.*
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101 in 1001

Okay so Brandy from Not So Average Mama got this from Babes Rockin’ Mami and she got it  from someone named Amanda, but there’s no link to Amanda. I did however find this site where I it all originated from…Day Zero Project

The Challenge:
Complete 101 preset tasks in a period of 1001 days.
Seems simple enough right?

The Criteria:
Tasks must be specific (ie. no ambiguity in the wording) with a result that is either measurable or clearly defined. Tasks must also be realistic and stretching (ie. represent some amount of work on your part).

Why 1001 Days?
Many people have created lists in the past – frequently simple challenges such as New Year’s resolutions or a ‘Bucket List’. The key to beating procrastination is to set a deadline that is realistic. 1001 Days (about 2.75 years) is a better period of time than a year, because it allows you several seasons to complete the tasks, which is better for organizing and timing some tasks such as overseas trips, study semesters, or outdoor activities.

My start date is: Sunday, January 1st 2013
End date: Sunday, September 29, 2015

So lets get this party started….here are my 101 things.

1. Loose 10 pounds
2. Get a haircut
3. Get a pedicure (I’ve never had one, sad I know)
4. Start walking
5. Get a tattoo (I’ve only been saying this for six years now)
6. Take down the wallpaper in the dining room
7. Paint the dining room
8. Paint the living room
9. Get a new bed for my daughter
10. Attempt to bring daughters bed in the boys room and put little man in a big boy bed
11. Bring my water intake back up to what it used to be, at least 32 oz or more a day
12. Loose 20 pounds
13. Buy myself some new clothes once I loose 20 pounds
14. Take my daughter out for manicures
15. Take the family bowling
16. Go out to Cali to see family for a week
17. Stay in Cali for another week seeing friends
18. Go to a club while in Cali since I’ve never been to one before
19. Get my hair colored at a salon
20. Do a hair color I’ve always dreamed of having but never had the balls to get
21. Take the kids to the zoo
22. Take the kids to LegoLand
23. Take the kids to the beach
24. Switch to WordPress (maybe…still unsure on this one)
25. Get a blog redesign
26. Build a new page on my site for my giveaway listing service, you know take it to the next step
27. Take a day, or two to go through all link up sites and update everything
28. Get a job
29. Try a new vegetarian recipe
30. Try a Chinese restaurant out here and hope it’s good (I miss Cali Chinese food)
31. Watch Breaking Dawn Part 2
32. Get out to Cali and spend the day with my Grandma
33. Get a puppy
34. Go to Tennessee to see my sister and her hubby
35. Cut out soda completely
36. Learn how to use my camera properly
37. Take a photography class
38. Get out and use my camera more often
39. Do date night with my husband more often then every few years
40. Clean out the garage
41. Go through daughters room and throw away broken toys & donate toys she doesn’t play with
42. Do number 41 but in the boys room
43. Get more organized!
44. Be more consistent with meal planning
45. Try my hand at once a month meals
46. Learn how to shoot a gun
47. Go back out to the lake
48. Get fishing poles for the family
49. Take the kids fishing
50. Go to an Indian Restaurant
51. Get family pictures done
52. Get solo pictures of the kids since I didn’t get school pictures for this year
53. Learn how to knit/crochet
54. Knit something for my daughter
55. Read 50 books
56. Take a family vacation
57. Take a cooking class
58. Learn how to properly use my sewing machine that is currently collecting dust in my closet
60. Sew something that doesn’t fall apart
61. Do a wine tasting  (I’ve always wanted to do this)
62. Attend my very first blog conference
63. Not be late in dropping the kids off for a full month
64. Learn how to properly walk in high heels. I have like five pairs but can’t walk in them
65. Play with my kids more
66.Have family game nights more often instead of movie and a pizza night
67. Learn how to make jam (I’ve always wanted to do this just so I can use canning jars)
68. Cook crab
69. Take another trip with just my husband and I
70. Don’t eat any sweets for a week
71. Don’t eat any sweets for a month
72. Completely cut out off sweets from my diet
73. Don’t swear for a week (I have a bit of a potty mouth)
74. Get the kids on a routine on doing their chores!
75. Take a Zumba class
76. Take the kids on a picnic complete with a picnic basket
77. Try five new recipes in a month
78. Start a savings account for each of my kids
79. Get another tattoo (I know I already said it but I want another one)
80. Get another piercing (not sure where yet though)
81. Do five random acts of kindness
82. Volunteer at least once a month at my kids school
83. Get back into going to the library more often
84. Read a book in one day
85. Learn how to make sushi
86. Take a picture for each letter of the alphabet and make it into a book for my kids
87. Make my own fresh pasta by hand
88. Get a new bookcase for the living room
89. Get rid of the gophers in our backyard and keep them out of our yard!
90. Go back to Paris
91. Get a journal and start writing my random thoughts down
92. Get a new binder to keep my recipes
93. Go through my current recipe book and take out what we don’t like/use
94. Try Silk in my coffee instead of non-dairy or dairy creamer
95. Play hookie from school with my kids and take them somewhere for a surprise fun day
96. Make a memory jar and open it on New Years Eve and read together with my family
97. Get two people to do this 101 in 1001 with me
98. Bake bread and get good enough at it that we wont need to buy bread from the store anymore
99. Start a garden
100. Don’t kill said garden
101. Grown enough vegetables to be able to not have to buy vegetables at the store

There you have it. My 101 in 1001. I am looking at this list as a list of things I will do, things that have to get done, not things I hope I will do one day. I am very excited to start this little adventure and cross things off as I get them done!

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