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Dark Dawn Review + a Giveaway

I love paranormal. Seriously madly deeply truly LOVE it. There’s something about it that just grabs me by every fiber of my being and takes me away to this far away land and holds me there. Then I finish the book and it’s back to reality. Always a sad day when I finish a book. I know I can’t be the only one who gets completely sucked into a book like this. If I am then you guys are reading the wrong stories! Today I wanted to introduce you to a friend of mine’s newest venture….Dark Dawn. The author, Melissa Brodsky is made of pure awesome, seriously she is. She writes such engaging stories, I used to stalk her site for her short stories and she’s such a sweet heart. Melissa together with Nicole Andrews Moore created Dark Dawn. Here take a peek into the story.

In the beginning God made the heavens and the earth, and everything in between. The In-between was unplanned, unexpected, and unwelcome. Every action causes a reaction and when mankind was born, so were the Fae. Suddenly it was up to Heaven to save Earth. God created Angels to right his wrong, to save human kind. A deal was made, an agreement of sorts. The Angels would protect humanity from Fae domination and destruction, and in return they would have inhuman strength and immortality. Thus a time of angels swooping in to save humans from free will, bad decisions, and big mistakes began. They protected humans from the Fae who intentionally enslaved them, leaving shells of humans, or worse, leaving nothing at all. 
Even God doesn’t always learn from mistakes. Angels were given freedom of choice. Some Angels chose wrong. When some of them spread their wings, they went too far, and just as Icharus was punished for getting too close to the sun, they were punished for getting too close to mankind. 
So they fell. Falling was the easy part.

Are you grabbing onto the edge of your seat? Yeah I was too. So imagine my excitement when I was approached about doing a review AND a giveaway. I’ll get to the giveaway in a minute but first let me gush about the book.

One thing I loved about this book was while I may have had a hint of what was going to happen, I really had no clue and was proven wrong. That to me is always a huge deal in a book. You always want to keep your audience guessing. If you have a story that is too revealing then you wont keep the readers attention and they’ll never finish. The version I read was the MA version and while definitely adult it wasn’t so hot and heavy that it took away from the story line. It was very tastefully done. In fact it may have been closer to PG compared to some of the paranormal romance novels I have read. It was a refreshing change. 
The characters…I really truly madly deeply love the idea that the main characters are angels. Not just people who have wings and fly but REAL angels created my the holy man himself. Along with being immortal, strong, and equipped with beautiful wings, each angel had their own power if you will. More of a gift bestowed upon them. Each gift fits the character perfectly and made the character into an individual as opposed to just this group of angels with no depth. 

I don’t want to give away to much of the story line but I don’t want to close with the fact that while the book may not have had a cliff hanger ending (THANK YOU…seriously not a fan of cliff hangers lol) it left a few things open and unanswered to lead into the second book of the series, Dark Destiny which is scheduled to be out in 2014. The ONLY downside to that is now I have to wait for it, I am so impatient when I find a series I love. Oh well at least I will have something to look forward to right?

And now on to the giveaway I promised! I am giving away four ebook copies of Dark Dawn to FOUR of my readers! Since Dark Dawn is only available as an ebook right now please make sure you have some form of reader prior to entering this giveaway. I’d hate to have someone win who has no way of reading the book. There are four possible entries for this giveaway. Please do the mandatory entry prior to the additional entries. This giveaway will be open until July 7, 2013 July 14, 2013 at 11:59pm and is open to US residents only.

Mandatory Entry:
Based on the info above what are you most excited about reading in Dark Dawn?

Additional Entries:
1. Follow Melissa Brodsky on Goodreads
2. Add Dark Dawn to your “to read” section in Goodreads
3. Tweet about this giveaway. Make sure you come back and leave a link to your tweet!
Example tweet “Come enter this awesome #giveaway for a chance to #win a Dark Dawn ebook by @Rockdrool from @Shanamama9197 “

Quick note, if you aren’t into Adult stories this book is also available as an NA Version here. Also make sure to keep up on the latest news regarding the Dark Dawn series….like when they second book is going to be released and possible teasers on their Facebook page!

I was provided an advanced copy of this book in order to facilitate my review. No monetary compensation exchanged hands. All opinions stated above are solely my own. I am providing the copies of the ebook all on my own for the giveaway simply because I love the story and want to share it with others. 

UPDATE….I will be extending this contest by one week since I am having issues with my move to WP and my site was down for a few days. I apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused for anyone attempting to enter this giveaway. The new end date will be July 14th at 11:59pm.

Winners are posted below and have been contacted. Thank you to all that entered!