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Wordless Wednesday-Splash Pad

We went to one of the kids friends birthdays parties this weekend. The original plan was to go to the local pool afterwards for some swimming but the pool ended up having some type of malfunction and was closed. Me being the “newbie” to this area had no idea where to go instead. My friend suggested the splashpad that way the kids could still cool off. At the mention of the splashpad I was lost. Um what is a splash pad?
Turns out the splashpad is this awesome little place that the kids can get wet, cool off and have tons of fun. And hello, it’s FREE! I felt so silly seeing as we’ve lived here for a year now and it’s located literally right behind the library that I visit about every other week. How had I not seen it before? I have no clue but now that I know about it I totally plan on bringing the kids back for some water fun.

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