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Wordless Wednesday-Happy Birthday

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Today we are celebrating my daughters sixth birthday. I still can’t get over the fact that she is already six years old! I swear it was just yesterday she was a little toddler walking around with her bouncy curls and giggling all the time. Not much has changed in the last few years, well she is very tall which is funny because when she was a toddler we were all convinced she was going to be itty bitty like her Grandma because she was so short. I guess she just wanted to prove us wrong on that one. She has lost her curls 🙁 but she has the most gorgeous blond locks and while she is not a fan of pony tails she loves to have her hair done “princess style”. She is still a bouncy giggly happy little girl with a big heart and such a fun personality.
What would a Wordless Wednesday be without some pictures, and in honor of my daughters birthday I wanted to share some photos of her from the last six years Mantha12.jpg


Happy Birthday baby girl!

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