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Wordless Wednesday-Cali style

Happy Wordless Wednesday everyone. This week has been one chalked full of all kinds of emotions. Happy, sad, excited, a bit of anxiety and fun. I fly back home tomorrow and while I will miss my family I cannot wait to see my husband and babies. I miss them so much and I may or may not have cried a few times because I am just a sap like that. 
Here are a few pictures of what I have been up to while I’ve been here.
 Got a new purse big enough for my laptop, yay for sales and gift cards!
 My sister treated me to my very first manicure
 It’s January and I am wearing capris…woohoo
Right after acting like little children with my sister and niece and 
we all cried from laughing so hard. Fun time right there.
Drinking coffee from the cup I gave my parents of the kids. I’ve used it every day since I’ve been here. This mama bear misses her babies.
For more inspiring photos be sure to check out:
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