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What to do today

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hmmmm, so much to do and so little time. We were going to all walk to the park but Jr is still coughing a lot when he gets excited so scratch that idea. So were going to go to the mall and exchange Jr’s shoes that I bought that were too small. Hopefully they’ll let us since I don’t have a receipt. Then I want to get my ring cleaned cause, well it’s disgustingly dirty lol. I have a ton of things that need to get done around the house but I think I’ll let them wait a little bit. Although I do want to go through some baby stuff we will no longer be needing and try and sell it 🙁 Bye bye baby stuff….waaaaah. Oh well had to come some day right.
Oh yeah, on Friday I will be getting a colonoscopy whippee (insert sarcasm). I’m so not looking forward to it. Thank goodness I’ll be asleep but I have to eat only clear liquids for two days. So uncool. I’m going to be moody. At least my mom will be coming over to help since Steve has to go to work that day. Wish me all luck and that the results come back completely normal.

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  • : christine boriack :

    omg SHANA… a colonoscopy?dude i’ve been missing a LOT!i’m sorry… wishing you luck!big hugs, sweet thing!

  • Gena

    You are in my thoughts hon! I’m glad your mom will be over helping!

  • Jen

    I hope the colonoscopy goes okay and you get good results! ((( )))

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