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What makes me feel fabulous

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I’ve always been sort of a shy person. I had heard about twitter many times from friends who have accounts there but I stayed away for silly reasons. Finally a couple months ago I gave in and signed up. I am so glad I did because I have met so many incredible people through twitter. One specific person is an inspiration, Kadi. This woman is amazing. She is a wife and mother to seven, yes you read that right, seven beautiful children. This week she is holding a blogging event all about women and what makes them them and full of positivity and encouragement. This is in honor of her new site Girly Gazette I have never done something like this before and I’m very excited (also nervous cause that’s just me lol). So let’s get started.

Challenge #1: What makes you feel fabulous?

I will be honest, feeling fabulous is not usually my thing. I am a walking stress ball half the time. My husband works full time but his schedule is a little odd. He goes into work on Fridays and doesn’t come home until Sunday evening. So our weekends are not the norm. His days off are spent with him attending classes at the local college out here. He is currently taking three classes and it occupies most of his time. Soooo, long story short I am left to run the household by myself. As my husband puts it “You’re pretty much a single mom”. Okay back on topic here. What makes me feel fabulous are the simple things. Here’s a short list:

When my kids say good morning with smiles on their faces
My kids smiles
My kids laughs
Love and cuddles from my babies
My husband paying me a compliment
Taking a shower
Doing my makeup
Getting a hair cut (I only get a hair cut every few years, bad I know but I see that as my pampering time)
A massage
My husband cooking a meal for me
Cooking a family favorite meal & watching everyone enjoy it
Going shopping (who doesn’t love a little retail therapy)
Hanging out with friends
Having a clean house

Those are a few of my favorite things that make me feel fabulous. Stay tuned tomorrow and the rest of the week for more questions that I will be answering from the Girly Gazette

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