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What do you do when your childs hair is a rats nest?

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Why you pamper them of course! Well I see it as pampering, not having to do your own hair, it’s like going to the salon for free! Maybe when she’s older she’ll do it for me haha. 
Back on the subject here. My daughters hair has always tangled very easily. She has my hair (poor thing). A LOT of hair but it’s very fine and fine hair tangles enough on it’s own, add into the mix curls and you’re just asking for tangled hair. Brushing her hair used to be a nightmare, not only for her because could be painful but for me, I hated seeing her cry and knowing I was making her cry just made it worse. I have tried almost every single detangler out there. Scratch off all the kid detanglers, those don’t work AT ALL. I’ve even used Biolage products on her hair hoping they would work. But every time it was a fail. 
I was out shopping one day and like always I ended up in the hair care section of the store looking for something I haven’t tried when I came across Three Minute Miracle by Aussie. Excited to find something new I grabbed a bottle and went home and gave her a bath. 
This was the FIRST time I was able to get a brush through her hair without a single tangle. No cries, no whimpers, no whining just completely smooth and tangle free hair. To say I was amazed would be an understatement. 
Now her hair still tangles during the day and sometimes the three minute miracle conditioner doesn’t get it all out (no biggie) so I have started blow drying her hair. It gets rid of any knots that weren’t smoothed out by the conditioner and it allows for some painless mommy daughter time all by ourselves. 
Isn’t her hair gorgeous!
If you or your child have hair that knots easily I recommend you go try some Three Minute Miracle. It’s very inexpensive and seriously, this stuff will rock your socks off! 
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