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Well so much for that

I was supposed to get a colonoscopy done today BUT that is a no go. I started the oh so wonderful tasting drink to “cleanse” my body and has a pretty sever allergic reaction to it. I started breaking out in hives and my throat started to itch and I could feel it starting to swell a little bit so I took two benedryl and had to cancel my appointment. Everyone at Kaiser is stumped. They have no idea what I could have had an allergic reaction to and they wont reschedule me because that is the only prep option they have. Soooo I have an appointment with the GI Dr on April 16th to see where the hell to go now. Fun times eh…lol At least I got to eat and not go almost two days with no food.

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  • Jen

    (((Shana))) How scary!! Glad you are okay!

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