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So I got approved to host a Digorno pizza party last month. As SOON as I got approved I sent out invites to my family and a few friends. I was very excited since this was going to be my first time hosting anything like this. The only parties I’ve ever thrown are the kids birthdays and my sisters baby shower. I’m no expert at throwing parties which is fine by me but I take pride in what I’ve done and I can’t help but get excited as the party nears.
So here I sit, the day before the party with only one rsvp. Well two if you count my husband LOL I am very disappointed in this. A simple yay or nay is all I ask. I have to plan how much drinks I need to buy and appetizers and the rest of the small things yet I can’t because I have no clue who is coming. I called my mom to see if she will be here and she wants to play it by ear because Jr has a cough. I asked my other sister and her response was “ughhh” so I’m taking that as a no.
I don’t ask much of my family because I know the response I will get but from a simple get together I would have liked to have my family there.
I’m wondering if I am the only one who has to deal with this? It drives me nuts beyond belief, which in turn upsets my husband because he doesn’t like seeing me upset (sweet isn’t he lol) It’s times like these I wonder what things would be like if we still lived in another state

Okay I apologize for ranting, but hey it’s better to get it out then keep it bundled up inside right 😉

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