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Tuesday Tunes-Written in the Stars

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I like a lot of different types of music. I know I have said I am a metal girl at heart and while I am I still listen to other genres of music and enjoy them equally. Country is not one of those genres though. Now don’t go bashing me because I don’t like country, I don’t hate it but it’s just to…twangy for me. Back in the day there were a few country artists I did listen to but not anymore. I am not quite sure why I even brought Country music up as it has nothing to do with my song choice this week. Guess I just wanted to give you a little history. Anywho, being one that tries not to discriminate against different genres I wanted to share something other then heavy music today.

For some reason this song doesn’t seem to get much airplay. I am not sure why because I think it’s an amazing song. Not only is the beat along with the harmony beautiful but the song itself speaks volumes and has such a good message behind it. From the first time I heard it I stored it in the “favs” memory bank. If you watch the video I dare you not to be touched by it.

I have been known to pull this song up on YouTube and blast it while I am cleaning, and possibly putting it on repeat. What, don’t tell me you’ve never done it 😉

I love finding songs that reach down in you and make you really think. Thing about what the day holds, what life could have been and what life is and in the end being thankful for everything. To me this song does that. Not in a selfish way because I know there are people out there that struggle but it brings a sense of calm and hope that they will all be okay. Not naive, just hopefull. 

Don’t forget if you are participating in Tuesday Tunes to head on over to High Impact Mom and link up so we can all listen to each others tunes! Click here to be brought directly to the linky.

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