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Tuesday Tunes-Tunes that speak to you

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Every once in a while there is a song that comes out that completely takes your breath away after hearing it for the first time. You know it’s a great song when it continues to do so each and every time you here it there after. For s singer to pull that off with not one but many of their songs takes pure talent. There’s no way around it folks. You just cant pull some rhymes out of your bum and expect to be an instant hit.

I recently purchased Christina Perri cd after getting sick of always having to go to YouTube to hear one of her songs. So as I sit here and listen to the cd, I also have it in the car and on my phone. Obsessed much? Eh not really, I just can’t stop listening because her music speaks to me.  I first heard of her about two years ago (my timing may be a tad off just because I am bad with timing, but it was some where around 1.5-2 years ago). I am sure you have heard of the song Jar of Hearts. No? Well here, listen….I’ll wait.

You hear that natural talent. No special effects on her voice. Just raw beauty. The first time I heard this song I loved it and I have continued to love it every time I hear it on the radio. Then the other day I heard a new song of hers and again, instant love (also if you love Twilight it’s on the new soundtrack for the last movie).

I don’t know if I can express what it is I love about her music but I will try. Her voice, hello it’s amazing. It’s real, raw, beautiful, natural. Her lyrics, I am a romantic and I feel that a lot of her songs have to do with romance/love in some way. Not all of her songs do but a few of my favorites do. Ink, she has tattoos which I know some people see as a turn off but I think they’re hot. They add to her look and in turn adds a piece to her. Tattoos in my opinion are an expression, a piece of art just not in a showcase room but the showcase is your body. I love tattoos and I am of the mind frame, the more the better.

So there you have it. This weeks Tuesday Tunes. If you’d like to participate be sure to link up over at Amandas site High Impact Mom!

And just because I love you all I will leave you with another one of my favorites.

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