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Tuesday Tunes-A little bit of GNR

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In 1985 the band Guns N Roses formed. I was just a wee babe back then so I didn’t get to experience the oooh’s and ahhh’s when they became popular, but ever since I can remember I have been a fan of their music. And here we are, 27 years later and they can still kick ass like no other.

An amazing experience

Last year my husband and I got the privilege to see them perform live and I can honestly say it was hands down, the BEST concert I have ever been to. Axl can pull of those high notes and long notes as if it were 26 years ago. I watched an interview he did a little while back and when asked how he does it he said it is getting harder but does voice exercises to help. Actually he said something more along the lines of….I have no %&^#($) idea LOL. 

There is no possible way to pick just one favorite song by GNR. There’s just too many in that pot and this post would probably take a week to read. So I’ll just list off a few today.

I may have a slight obsession with the lead guitarist of GNR, DJ Ashba. The man is seriously drool worthy and he has some serious skills. Here’s a video of his song that he plays at every concert. I think if I met him in person I’d faint, or loose all ability to speak.

Hello sexy

Everyone knows the popular songs such as Sweet Child O Mine, Paradise City, Don’t Cry, Knockin’ on Heavens Door, Nightrain, and November Rain but those are what I want to share. While they are all good songs I’ve never been one to promote the ever popular. Instead I like to promote the unpopular so people can appreciate more then just the over played songs.

So here we go, a “few” songs.

And I just have to share this song because it is actually one of my favorites. Notice I said one of, not the only. Again so many songs to choose from to choose just one but this one does make it to the top of my list.

If you’d like to participate in Tuesday Tunes be sure to link up over at Amandas site High Impact Mom! You can also check out Rachel Ferrucci & The Morris Bunch for more fun tunes.

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