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Too short?

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Hi I’m Shana and I’am 5ft 5in, short? Not really. Tall? uh not so much. Practically perfect, why thank you 🙂
I’ve never really considered myself short but there are times I really feel like it. Like when I stand next to my husband or a couple of my friends. They tower over me. And then there’s times I go to get something out of my laundry room, and of course the thing I need is on the VERY top shelf and I can’t reach it! What do I do? Don’t tell my husband but I climb onto the washing machine. Terrified that one day I will break my washer or dryer. Solution, well that’s easy. I need a stool. We used to have one when we had our house but since we’ve moved nine times in eight years it has magically disappeared. I’m thinking this one would look perfect in my house.
Not only would a stool help me not break my washer and myself but I could also use it to get stuff from the top cupboard in my kitchen. My husband can’t even reach some of the things all the way up there. And not to mention, is that one pictured above just not the cutest little stool. And I could think of many other uses for it, one being I can do a little photo shoot with Jr and Samantha standing on either side of it and Shawn sitting on it.

I was not compensated for this post
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