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I had an interview bright and early this morning. It was for a local Law Firm. I was the first interview and I think I made a really good impression on the owner/attorney. If I were to get this job it would be of course Monday thru Friday and the hours would be 8am to 5pm with an hour lunch and he said he usually treats his employees one to two times a month by taking them out to lunch. I’m excited because it’s right down the street from the house so I could come home for lunch (if I get it) and see my babies and hubby and then go right back to work. So keep your fingers, toes and legs crossed I get the job lol.
On a sad note Shawn is officially done nursing. He stopped on July 2nd and shows absolutely no interest in it anymore. I still can’t get over how not three months ago he was nursing 4 or 5 times a day and then all of the sudden he went to one and now none 🙁 I’m having a hard time accepting it. He’s been trying to wean for a while but I just kept trying and trying. Of course he’s not a cuddler so I can’t even get some baby lovin 🙁 Oh well I’ll just go hold him when he sleeps.

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  • Gena

    I really hope you can get the job! that would be perfect. Sorry about the nursing. 🙁

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