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They don’t have hamburgers in stores Mom!

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It went down like this……

Me: What would you like to have for dinner tonight Jr?
Jr: Wendys
Me: No were not doing fast food
Jr: But I only want Wendys
Me: Why what is it you’d eat there?
Jr: A cheeseburger
Me: Ok well I can buy that stuff at the store
Jr: haha No you can’t Mom, it’s only at Wendys
Me: Um, no it’s not. They sell everything you need at the store to make a cheeseburger
Jr: No they don’t
Me: Actually yes they do. Lets go to the store and when I find what we need you can pay me five dollars for arguing and not believing me
Jr: haha Mom but I don’t have five dollars
Me: Okay well then how about a dollar?
Jr: haha I don’t have any money Mom
Me: What about a quarter then?
Jr: haha I still don’t have any money Mom
Me: Okay then you will give me a bunch of hugs then okay?
Jr: :::giggles:::: Okay Mom

As were walking through the store I stop and gasp (cause I’m totally dramatic like that) and say “Oh my goodness, what is that! I think it’s hamburgers”.  Jr was so excited he was doing little jumps and he ran up and gave me three BIG quick hugs. It feels good to be right LOL

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