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The new BlackBerry Z10

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I am tickled fancy that I was chosen to do another round with Verizon Wireless and be an Ambassador. This time around we were given a BlackBerry Z10 for review. Now I have never used a BlackBerry phone. My husband had one back in the day (I love saying that even though it was only like five or six years ago) and he loved it. I tried using it a few times but it was very blah for me. I Just couldn’t get into it so I steered clear and stuck with my LG phones. Well now that I have been using this BlackBerry for a week I am wondering what was I thinking!

I’m just going to start out with a few key points that immediately attracted me to the Z10.

  • Sleek design
  • Light weight
  • Cover on the back of the phone that comes off to remove the battery, SIM card and SD card
  • Graphics are awesome
  • The keyboard is the bomb, yes I said the bomb. It’s seamless and has many features that I think all phones should have¬†
  • There is no home button, I know at first I was very thrown off by this but I actually like that there’s still a simple way to return to the home screen

So there’s a little sneak peak into my initial thoughts on the BlackBerry Z10. I am really looking forward to delving in and telling you all about this fancy schmancy phone. And trust me, it is fancy!

* I am part of the Verizon Wireless Ambassador program. A device was provided to me with three months of service in exchange for my honest opinions about the device. All thought and opinions expressed therein are my own*

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