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Thank a Teacher Day

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There are times in life when it seems as though time itself has stopped. For many of us Friday, December 14th was one of those moments. The world as a whole filled with grief as news of the killings in Connecticut came in. As a mother I am completely heart broken over what happened, I cannot even begin to imagine the grief the families are going through and the pain of never seeing their babies again. Babies, that’s what they were. Sweet innocent little babies. And beautiful courageous adults who were too someone’s babies. It’s tragic and something I wish that no one ever had to experience.

While I briefly discussed the events with my oldest who is nine I did not mention anything to my younger children. They are to young to comprehend everything that unfolded and I didn’t feel it would be appropriate to mention it to them. I had avoided talking to my oldest about it because I wasn’t sure how he would react to the news. He is such a sweet kind hearted little man and I didn’t want to ruin any innocence of his but I felt that he was old enough to be kept informed of what is happening in the world today. So while I was brief and I didn’t reveal many details we discussed what happened. Naturally he was sad but he reacted much better then I had anticipated. He did tell me later that night (after over hearing the TV) that listening to the people talk about what happened makes him very sad for all of those little kids. The look on his face broke me so we cuddled.

Today, I am joining in with other bloggers from across the world to say Thank You to the teachers in my life.

While my thank you was not in the form of a gift I still felt that I need to do something. I decided to email each of my kids teachers as well as their principal. I am an emotional person and I knew if I went into their classrooms and handed them a letter it would a) be wet from tears and b) I would cry.
I wrote out an email to five amazing women today. Each one is important in my childrens life and I wanted to let them know that I appreciate every thing that they do for my children. Not only do they teach them but they care for them, they love to see them accomplish things, they give them hugs when they’re having a rough day, they encourage them to be the very best that they can be, they help them when they need it, they form a relationship with them and become someone they can trust.

Julie from Julieverse came up with this wonderful idea and I encourage you to thank your childs teacher today! A teacher is not just someone who sees our children for a few hours and then forgets about the, a teacher cares for all of their students and can make a lasting impression on a child.

If you would like to include Julie’s image for todays Thank a Teacher Day on your story you can get them directly from her site here.

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