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Sunset Sunday’s

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Since moving out here I have been able to view some spectacular sunsets with little to no obstructions. Being a Cali girl this is semi new to me. Unless you live in the middle of nowhere or have some major bucks coming out your yahoo, seeing a sunset in full with nothing in your view sight is a rarity. Oh yes I can’t forget to add unless you live near the beach. We were fortunate enough to live near one a few years back and I wont utter a single complaint about living there. It was awesome. 
I am getting off track here. I have been taking pictures of the sunsets here almost every night. Probably a tad over board but I can’t help it. Every time I see it it amazes me over and over. I’ve been thinking WHAT can I do with the hundreds of pictures I am taking. No one is getting to experience it’s greatness but me. And well that’s simply not fair (at least that’s how it works out in my mind). So here I come, to you, to share the awesomeness of sunsets. The last breath of the daylight, the beautiful scenery, the awe inspiring rays of sun that make you think, wow this is amazing. 
My goal is to make this a weekly thing. Every Sunday I will come on here and post a picture of the night priors sunset. I would do Sundays but then that means posting pictures at 8 o’clock my time and most people are tucking their kids in to bed and I don’t want to take away from that or ruin an opportunity for others to join me.
So here we go, the first of many to come, Sunset Sunday’s.

I invite you to join along with me. Feel free to include a description of what a sunset means to you or anything you’d like to say. This isn’t so much a Wordless Wednesday type of meme. This is a talk all you want or talk as little as you want, just as long as you share a picture of a sunset. Whether it be edited, non edited, what have you, it all works!
Once you post be sure to come and link up so I can share some love on your posts!
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