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Summer time or bust!

Since summer is upon us we have been trying to keep the kids busy. That way no one gets too bored or cabin fever and drives themselves along with the rest of us insane. Hey it happens to the best of us. This past week we have gone to the park four times and the mall four times. The park is fun because the kids get to run around and get their energy out. The mall is fun because it has a small play area, and hello, it’s air conditioned! We usually walk around the mall one, or two or maybe three times if were really bored. I picked up some tickets to the Aquarium of the Pacific so hopefully we will be able to go there next week sometime. We need to find some local things because the park and mall every day can get a tad old. Especially when I can’t even shop while were at the mall. How unfair is that!
Here are a few pics from one of our days at the park.

My boys going down the slide together

This picture was taken by Jr. I thought it came out pretty neat and slightly dizzying

My little dare devil Samantha. When I saw this shot I couldn’t believe how high my husband was pushing her, his excuse, well she’s the one who says higher lol

My Shawn man
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