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So much to do…

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And so freaking little time! I have to bust ass, and I mean some serious busting ass today and clean. I haven’t been in the mood to clean the past two days. I get tired of doing the same thing over and over and over everyday and it never staying nice for longer then five minutes. So I went on a mini strike. So now it looks like a tornado hit my home.
Lets see, what do I need to do.
1. Dishes
2. Vacuum
3. Laundry, omg so much freaking laundry
4. Figure out what to do with my last three boxes!
5. Clean of computer desk
6. Sort mail, make files for bills and file them away
7. Mop the kitchen floor again
8. Oh yeah got to shower some time today
I hope that’s it. I’m probably forgetting something, I tend to do that. Oh and tomorrow is going to be a crazy day. Shawn has his newborn screening appointment at 10am, then I need to take him for the blood screening after that, then run over and apply for a social security card for him. Oh and mil is coming somewhere in between all this so Steve is going to have to drop me off because our car wont hold one more person. Ah, crazy world I call my life. Okay I better get started on my to do list.

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