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Sitterati, the all in one sitter app

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Moms are as a whole very busy. Not only do we run the house but we take care of our kids, our husbands, if we have time…ourselves, oh and don’t forget about any pets you may have, baseball practice, dance, karate. Add on top of that working full time, part time or even from home and life can get over whelming. Arranging for a sitter to watch your kids should be something that is easy, non stressful and relatively painless right?

Let me introduce you to Sitterati. A new app that keeps all of your babysitters in ONE place. Setting up an account is takes less then five minutes and you can use your Facebook account to make it even easier. Once you set up your account you can create jobs to send to all of your babysitters at once and schedule them through the app. You can also pay your sitter directly from the app. No more worrying about having enough cash on you or turning around as you pull into your driveway because you just realized you forgot to get cash (yeah I’ve totally done that, twice).

So you’re ready for a night out with your husband, here’s what you do.

  1. Text your babysitter(s) with an invite to Sitterati
  2. Enter your credit card information so you’re all squared away on payment
  3. Post the job
  4. When a babysitter responds you will receive a confirmation from them that they will take the job 
  5. Go out and enjoy a night on the town!
Not only is the Sitterati app awesome for us parents, yes Dads can totally do this too, but it’s convenient for the sitters as well. When they set up an account they can access jobs from parents they are connected with, get paid right into their account and see all babysitter jobs they have schedule in one spot. Key words to remember here, organization. That is a HUGE deal for me since I am constantly loosing things, like notes, appointment dates, even babysitters phone numbers since I tend to write them down on a tiny piece of paper and then loose said piece of paper. With having everything in one spot and completely organized will help not only the sitters scheduling jobs but the parents submitting jobs.

I was selected for this opportunity as a member Clever Girls Collective, the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.


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