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Sick of it all

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Not really, that’s a name of a band I listen to but it kind of applies to how I’m feeling right now, well except I’m only sick of one small thing. I have to hear pretty much weekly, if not more that I should buy another car. REALLY! Oh gee thanks for letting me know. Let me just pull 20 thousand dollars out of my bum and get right on that. 
I hope you caught the sarcasm in there LOL. Here’s the deal. We are a family of five, we live pretty modestly. Once in a while, yeah sure we splurge but it’s on something we’ve saved up for. We don’t have credit cards because they are evil. We don’t mooch of the system, any of them. We don’t mooch off family members or friends. EVERYTHING we have we have from hard work. Can’t say that about a lot of people these days. 
One thing that is on my dream list is another car but it’s just not in our budget right now. Is it hard having one car, yeah. Does it suck commuting to LA every week, you betcha. Don’t you wish you had another car, uh duh! Well why don’t you buy one? Simple, I refuse to put our family in a financial crisis just to get temprary relief on the situation. Soooo, we deal. I run back and forth between two schools all day and then there’s soccer practice and games and general errands but at least I am thankful for what I have. I can’t imagine how much more difficult things could be if we didn’t have any car. 
So here’s the deal. Of course I want another car but it’s NOT going to happen right now. It’s not your decision on whether I should buy one or not. When the time is right we will get another car, until then leave me alone about it.
*This post was not directed at any one in particular, just venting my frustrations out*
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