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Saturdays tunes to clean to

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Weekends are typically my days to clean the house. With the three little one’s running around it isn’t always easy as pie to get the house clean. The youngest tends to run around after me and mess up what I just cleaned. So one way I try to get the kids involved in cleaning is to turn on music. They love listening to music and it gets them along with me in a good mood so we all dance and sing and clean together. 
Today I am listening to a little bit of Muse 
and a little bit of One Republic
Those two songs are my favorites by those bands. An added bonus to having the kids listen to music is they get an appreciate for all types of music out there. We listen to a very eclectic variety. I always tease my husband that on his play lists he goes from Megadeath to the Beatles and then to Ozzy. 
We also play music in the kids room when they go to sleep. My oldest favorite song is Dazed and Confused by Led Zepplin. Now if that isn’t just awesome for a seven year old to even know who they are but to also already have an appreciation for their music then I don’t know what is. For me music is a form of art and I am trying to incorporate all different forms of Art in my childrens life. Whether it be music, plays, paintings, or simply drawing with them. I don’t want my children to grow up sheltered and not have known about culture. So for me this is just one of my ways of sharing that with them. 
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