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Samsung Galaxy SIII, my initial thoughts

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This morning my husband asked me if I prefer using the Samsung over my iPhone and I couldn’t answer the question. There are many things I love about both phones but to choose one or the other I was stumped. So he changed his question to which do I prefer….the android operating system or the IOS of an iPhone.

That one was easy. I prefer the Android. Sure there are a few features that the iPhone has that the Samsung does not BUT the Samsung puts the iPhone to shame in how much more it offers. Here are just a few things I mentioned to him that I prefer.

  • First and foremost is the back button. Something so simple yet very, very useful. 
  • Camera Megapixels. I know more is not always better but on a itty bitty phone I think it definitely helps take better quality photos. 
  • Speed. This one I have actually argued with my husband about on a few occasions. He didn’t believe me that the Android put the iPhone to shame in the speed of use. Especially while using apps such as Facebook and Twitter. I cannot tell you how many time my iPhone froze or took over two minutes just to load. I have never had either issue with an Android. 
  • Complete customization. I love playing around with the settings and making the phone my own, not just a standard everyone has this phone. There are so many different ways to customize your phone that I know I have barely scratched the surface. 

Over time I am sure I will have changed my phone over at least ten times. The fun with that is being able to rediscover things and discover new things about the phone. So far though I am absolutely in love with the Samsung Galaxy SIII.

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