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Samsung Galaxy SIII my final review

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There are two things that stick out higher then anything about the Samsung Galaxy SIII that I absolutely love. I have talked about them before but I think they are so fabulous I just have to talk about them again.

The navigation app. Why does this app make it above all the other apps? Simple. Safety first people. Do you know how dangerous it is to drive and look down at your phone for directions. Not only are you glancing away from the road but you are having to read directions, look at maps and try and figure out if you’re actually going the right way which means you’re not “just glancing” anymore. You are taking your focus off the road and on to your phone. I could talk about how dangerous this is until my face turns blue but some wont listen unless they have the unfortunate experience themselves of what can happen when they are no longer fully paying attention to driving. My suggestion? Use the navigation app with voice command and make sure you turn the volume up! If you have never used the navigation app don’t fret it is easy to access. Simply go into your google maps app. There are two ways to proceed from here.

1. Enter in your destination first, select driving and when your map comes up select the arrow/nav icon on the bottom right of your screen, a window will pop up asking you to complete the action with two options. Navigation or VZ Navigator, select navigation.

2. Next to maps on the top left select the pull down button and directly select navigation from there. With this option you can either speak in your destination or type it out. Again a window will pop up asking if you want navigation or vzw navigation. Now make sure in the menu option that you have the voice turned on or it will not speak your directions. One you have that all set up turn your volume all the way up and set your phone down. From here every thing is hands free and you are good and safe to go.

Now on to the second thing that stands out…speed. I never thought there would be a day when I had to worry about the speed of a phone or that it would even be that important to me. Welcome to the digital age now please take a number and wait your turn for your phone to access the internet, Facebook, Twitter, take a photo, etc etc.
Yeah not really what anyone wants to deal with right? The Samsung Galaxy SIII (don’t laugh) has lighting fast speeds. Not once have I had to wait around for a connection or for a page to “think”. Every time I have used this phone whatever application I was running has come up instantly. I also have not had any applications crash or suddenly freeze while in use. One thing to help keep your phone running smoothly, as well as to extend the battery life, is to make sure you close your applications when you are finished with them.

And there you have it. My top two favorite things about this phone. If you have a Samsung Galaxy SIII I would love to hear what your favorite things about this phone are!

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