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Randomness, it’s the story of my life

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If anyone knows me I am not a planner, I don’t have a daily routine (so to speak) and I am a very random person. My thought process is very random too LOL it’s one of those things that makes me me. So today I was sitting here pondering what to write about and it hit me, why not write about me, well what it is to live my life. So here we go.

MOMMMMMM! That’s how my mornings start. I slowly drag myself out of bed. I used to be a morning person but I also used to go to bed at a decent hour so without my coffee I am a little slow to start off. My daughter runs into my room and tells me to get her brother, that would be the one yelling mom and Jr is running at full speed to the bathroom. It’s the same scene every morning and yet I wouldn’t change it for the world. Now that the weather is starting to warm up I have been bringing the kids outside letting them run around like crazy and getting some time out of the house. Of course my camera is a perma fixture in my hands when were out playing. I wouldn’t be the picture freak if that weren’t the case. And yes people call me that because I have over pictures!

Speaking of pictures here’s a few I took the other day.

My husband isn’t a fan of this picture. He doesn’t like that the tree is standing up straight but I think it gives another dimension to the picture. I’m not a fan of all pictures being straight and boring.
Here’s my big boy (Jr) reading his part during Passover dinner on Monday night. He was so cute and so shy my mom helped him out a bit.

After everyone left I watched as Shawn walked down the hall and I glanced up at the picture of me from when I was 21 months, almost exactly the same age as Shawn right now and knew I had to HAVE a picture of him and that picture! I’ve always heard my kids favor me, well at least when they were younger but I think Shawn might actually be my mini me. Especially the hair! Can you believe I used to have hair like that. And wow his hair is lighter then mine was.

My husband works weekends so were not like the typical family in doing everything then. We try to do things during the week when he’s home and not in school. Right now it’s working out good since Jr is on spring break. Gives us more time to do things with everyone and not leave Jr out. I love that Jr is in school and that he is also loving it but I miss my baby boy 🙁 He’s growing up so fast and in a short time he will be in FIRST grade! Ack. Oh btw I am so proud of him. He didn’t go to preschool and was struggling a bit when he first started school but I got his report card last week and he has a 97% in his class! Go Jr!!!!

I’m sitting here right now and my little princess saw that I was looking at her so she instantly changed from happy to I want mommy and I’m going to pout about it now LOL She knows how to work the system. Well I think that was enough rambling for today. I’m going to watch Mulan with my chitlens and enjoy our day together.

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