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Picaboo 2011 Holiday Cards

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It’s that time of the year again, Holiday card time!
It seems that every year I plan on doing cards and I usually forget about it and end up doing it at the last minute if I even do them at all. But not this year. I am going to plan ahead. The weather is now starting to cool down so I want to get my family pictures done before it’s too cold to even sit outside for a mere twenty minutes. 
Picaboo recently released their 2011 Holiday Collection and I am having a bit of trouble deciding which card to use because so many of them are beautiful. I like to go for the more elegant and contemporary look and in the past I have had troubles even finding a card I like, but now for the first time, I have not run into that problem.
My family is Jewish while my husbands family is Christian so I also need to decide if I should stick to Seasons/Holiday Greetings or split it and do half Happy Hanukkah and half Merry Christmas.

Picaboo has outdone themselves and come up with one of the most amazing lines of Holiday Cards that I have seen in a long time. 
They offer the following types of paper for your cards:
  • Signature Stationery
  • Classic Cardstock
  • Premium Cardstock
  • Photo Paper Matte
  • Photo Paper Glossy
You can choose from a flat 5×7 in portrait or landscape print all one sided or
 a folded 5×7 in portrait or landscape as a three-sided card.
And I have some great news for you, Picaboo has been kind enough to offer my readers up to 50 FREE Holiday Cards by using the code GREAT-SD The code is good for 25 free cards but you can use it twice to get 50 so if you  buy 25 cards, you will get 25 free cards OR buy 50 cards and get 50 cards free. This can be used two times by each registered user. Shipping is not included. If you have a large family or send out over 100 cards each year this is a great deal!
*I was compensated for this post but all opinions are 100% mine.*
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