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Photo Challenge Week 3

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Another week, another challenge. I love it! Brandy chose this weeks theme of capturing an image of a person or persons that seems story like without showing a face. 

While many may think that that is easy peasy it’s not as easy as it seems. At least for me. When I take pictures of my kids or anyone for that matter I tend to take it of their faces unless I see an opportunity when they aren’t facing me that speaks to me. It’s not always simple to find that moment so those pictures are rare.

When I first read what the challenge was I knew I had the perfect picture but I also wanted to include a picture of my kids since I haven’t yet really included them, well I did in one picture but I wanted one specifically of them, if that makes any sense. So I am posting two pictures for this weeks challenge.

The first speaks to me on many levels. This is a picture of my Grandfather on his Harley Ride. It was his first ever and something he had wanted to do his whole life. I am so happy that so many people came together in order to make that happen for him.

This next one is a picture of my youngest. It is one of my favorite pictures of him and yes many might think it is embarrassing but I don’t care, that only makes me like it more LOL Just kidding. It’s just one of those moments where I know he was having a blast playing nakey butt and it’s a moment I will never forget, especially since I have a picture of it.

And I’m not sure if this is specifically what the challenge calls for but it is one of my favorite pictures of my husband and my youngest.

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