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Growing up I have always been, well not the best “lady”. I burp, a lot. I know it’s a normal thing but it used to drive my Dad nuts that I wouldn’t burp with my mouth closed half the time. Other times we would have burping contests LOL My Dad was always on my case about burping with my mouth closed and having better manners. Of course being young then I blew it off. And then there were the comments from my pares “Oh you just wait until you have kids” and they roll with laughter.

Well my time has come. I know now how he felt. I have three kids, 7, 4, and 2 and the oldest has discovered how he can make himself burp so he does, and quite frequently I might add. And seeing as he’s the oldest and the younger two love to repeat what he does my house is now filled with the wonderful sound of burping throughout the day. Not a huge deal but when we are eating it drives me just a little batty. I have to laugh internally because they might get the wrong idea and think I’m laughing with them and that it’s okay to do that but gosh dang, my parents were right!

The joys of parenting and learning that your parents didn’t just do/say things to torture you.

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