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Our Halloween

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We had such a fun night. Steve had to work which sucks, the kids and I missed him 🙁

The kids and I went over to my parents house and my friend Tiffany came over with her bf and two kids. We all (my family, Kyla’s family, my mom and Tiffany’s family) went out t.o.t. together. We went to the track homes across the street. At first there was like no one there but after a while the streets started to fill up. Everyone loved the kids costumes. We got a lot of awwwww’s for Samantha. Shawn spent most of his time either in the stroller or or in the baby hawk. Oh Jr was dressed as a fireman, Samantha as a flower fairy and Shawn as a polar bear. Jr of course loved t.o.t. and was totally on the ball this year. He knew exactly what to do. Samantha also got the hang of it pretty quick. After the first house her expression was so cute, like wow all I have to do is go to people’s doors and I get all this candy….lol When we were almost done, about three houses left Samantha started saying “Twick Tweet” at the doors, so flippin cute.
Okay enough rambling, here’s a link to some pics if anyone is interested.

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