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I have been a very bad blogger lately. I completely forgot all about it 🙁 Not that I really have any followers lol. Um what’s new. Shawn is eight months old now. He is a full time crawler and is now standing and trying to cruise along the furniture. He has his two bottom teeth and about 4 more bumps in his mouth for more teeth trying to come through. Samantha is my happy little 2 year old. I’m telling you the girl is on crack. She is absolutely hilarious when she runs around on her tippy toes and dances with her arms to her sides and just her hands pointed out. It’s really funny to see. She is a mischevious little butt too though. She keeps me on my toes more then jr or Shawn. Jr is a wonderful 5 year old. Crap I still can’t beleive he is 5. Where the hell did the time go! He will be starting school this coming school year. Not sure where he will be going though.
As for Steve and I we are doing good. Same ole stuff there. I’ll try and be a good blogger now. I’m off to bed.

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