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One of my favorite snacks, Fried Rice

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Yes once in a blue moon I will randomly make fried rice for a snack. It’s so simple a yummy I always make extra because my hubby will eat it all up if I don’t make enough. I don’t use a recipe I’ve just gone through by trial for a few years and now I’ve got it down by memory.
The basics:
White rice
Soy sauce
Green onion
I usually add zucchini and regular onion but I didn’t have any today.
To get started cook up some white rice. Today I did one and a half cups of rice. While your rice is cooking go ahead and cook up your veggies in some butter.

When your veggies are done crack two eggs and scramble them. I use the same pan since it’s all getting mixed together anyways.
The next step is totally unhealthy but I put in about a tablespoon of butter so I can stir fry my rice. Hey it’s called fried rice for a reason LOL Then in goes your rice. The easiest way to do this is to just DUMP the rice into the pan. Literally, I tip my pot over, give a nice smack and wha-la, rice is all out.
Mix it all together, pour in how ever much soy sauce you like and you’ve got fried rice! Now I like my rice with a bit of spice to it so I bought some of that Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce and poured it all over.
And here’s the finished product. Yummy, slightly salty, slightly spicy, a little crunch from the veggies, best homemade fried rice ever.

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