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Once Upon a Time Challenge

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I love reading, it’s one of the ways I relax after the kids are in bed. Okay I’ll be honest, if it’s a good book I have been known to read throughout the day and into the night. A friend of mine, Tena is also big into reading and regularly does book challenges. When I saw her Once Upon a Time Challenge it immediately perked my interest. One because how fun is it to read fairy tales from growing up but with a new twist to them, and two I’ve always wanted to do a book challenge. 
Here are a few of the details on this challenge:
*This challenge is quite simple….. read the fairy tales you grew up reading but from another view than Disney’s version. There are so many great fairy tale books out there, that might take the same story we know but with an added twist.
These books can be Young Adult, Romance, Erotic, e-books, audio books…. your only limited by your own imagination.*

* 1-3 books: Born into Royalty
*4-6 books: Princess in Training
*7-9 books: Awaiting Prince Charming
* 10+ books: Queen Bee

*The time frame for this challenge will be January 1, 2011- December 31, 2011. Plenty of time. Please do not start this challenge before the time, and don’t use books you have already read. Cross overs are okay!*
So I decided that I will be starting off 2011 with the Once Upon a Time book challenge! If you would like to participate head on over to Crazy Book Slut and add your blog to the Mr. Linky she has set up.
Happy reading everyone.
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