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Once again

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I have fallen behind in my blogging. Life has just been so busy lately it’s insane. And I haven’t been running on full energy in a while 🙁 Things have been going good as far as family life goes. All the kids are doing wonderful. Shawn has had a cold for two weeks now, poor guy just can’t seem to shake it. We also took him in for his eyes. One of his pupils is much larger then the other. We are now waiting on a referral to a Neuro Ophthalmologist and she only see’s children. Hopefully that will come sooner then later. Have I mentioned I hate the waiting game …lol Samantha has been talking up a storm lately. A lot of it is still in her own little language but her vocabulary has really grown in the past couple weeks. Jr is still the same energetic little five year old. He had his 5 year check up a while back and they requested some blood work. He went and got it done and was such a big boy! He didn’t cry at all and barely flinched. I was so proud of him. He usually gets some anxiety when it comes to new things like that so he did wonderfully. Steve just got over strep throat and I’ve been fine lol
So that’s how things are over here.

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