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Official Trailer Debut of The Delivery Man

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That moment when a guy finds out that he is going to become a father is a special moment, one they will probably never forget, but not everyone has the same experience. Like when David Wozniak (played by Vince Vaughn) finds out that he’s not the father of 1, 2, or 3 children but 533 children!

Yes you read that right, five hundred and thirty three kids! Thanks to a mishap at a fertility clinic 20 years ago David Wozniak unknowingly became the proud Dad to all of these kids. And now 142 of those children are suing to reveal the identity of their birth father. What is a guy to do with this news? Have a panic attack, go m.i.a., come forward? No, what he does is truly amazing, heart warming and inspiring. He secretly becomes kind of like a guardian angel to these kids. There to provide support and encouragement should they need it. If I am making zero sense watch this brand new trailer that was just released…right now!

I told you, heart warming right. But I seriously love the comedic value they brought in along with the serious side of the story. Example….Chris Pratt is hilarious! The clip where he is just sitting there as his kid is just smacking his face talking non stop…..go on admit it, you’ve totally had one of those moments, I know I have….a lot more then once in fact LOL And I don’t know why but it is always more comical watching moments like those happen to Daddy characters for me.  

I for one can’t wait for this to come to the theaters. November 22nd can’t get here fast enough! Don’t forget to check out the Delivery Man on all the social media channels to keep up on all the latest happenings with the film! FacebookTwitterPinterest and of course Instagram.

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