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Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse

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It’s Christmas Eve here in California and I just laid my chitlens down for bed. It’s been a long day, emotional and stressful for me but I finally said enough and remembered what this time of the year is all about. Family. I asked my sister to come over while I ran to the store so my youngest could nap and when she got back I invited her to stay for dinner and to bake with me. I haven’t spent a lot of time with my sister lately so I am happy we got to do this today. So the pizza went in the oven while we went to work. I will post pictures and a recipe later but for now I want to share pictures of my kids. You can’t help but smile at the excitement kids have over Christmas. Even while they’re arguing over where Santa lives or the names of the reindeer’s, it’s all adorable to me.
This is our first year putting milk and cookies out for Santa and carrots out for the reindeer’s because my oldest just turned seven and is just now grasping the concept of Santa. So without further ado, I present pictures 🙂

Short story, my sister, Tia (who I baked with tonight) made this cup for me when she was about 10 years old. So glad I kept it because it is now going to be Santa’s cup when he visits every Christmas

Jr explaining to the younger kids what Santa is going to do LOL
Just a little warning, expect a lot of pictures in the days to come.
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