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My poor baby!

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My mom was watching the kids yesterday and she had them all in one room while she was vacuuming in there. Well they all eventually made their way out and next thing my moms knows Jr is yelling there’s broken glass on the floor! So my mom runs out and Shawn is standing with a big piece of glass in his MOUTH and Samantha is standing on top of the broken glass! So my mom gets the glass from Shawn, moves Samantha and asks Jr is he can move Shawn so she can clean up. Jr picks up Shawn and starts walking to the other room but didn’t see the wagon on the floor in front of him. He trips while holding Shawn and he is facing outwards and Shawn catches the wagon right in the face then falls on the floor with Jr on top of him!
My mom said he was bleeding from his mouth but only for a minute and was fine. I’m freaking out just holding my baby. I was pissed that this happened but had to tell myself over and over accidents happen so I didn’t scream at my mom.
He had a tiny bit of a fat lip but what concerns me is the cuts where his teeth are coming out and it’s swollen around his teeth and one now looks like it might be discolored 🙁 I feel sooooooo bad for my little baby. i really hope he didn’t damage his teeth and if it’s not looking better by Friday I’m going to make an appointment with his ped.

Okay just had to get out there my babies accident yesterday (and I guess sort of do a mini vent)

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