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Mobile hotspot setup is as easy as 1.2.3

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Have you been wanting to set up your mobile hotspot but aren’t sure how? I am here to tell you it’s literally as easy as 1.2.3.

This set up example is for a Verizon Samsung Galaxy SIII. The setup is similar on other Android based phones so you can use this as a starting point for other phones.

Step 1:
Open setting

Step 2:
Select Mobile Hotspot & turn it to on

Step 3:
Use it

To connect your device to the mobile hotspot simple open your network preferences and connect to the wifi on your mobile device.

See, I told you. In three short steps you will have successfully turned on your mobile hotspot and you can begin using it on other devices. Now of course there are other options when setting it up but the steps above are the basics. If you want to customize your mobile hotspot, that is another easy process. I am the type that doesn’t like to dig really deep because I worry that I will eventually forget what I did and not remember how to change the settings back to their original state, and that I will completely screw everything up. Despite my fears I dove into the advanced settings and played around. And guess what? I didn’t mess anything up. I changed the password and added my device to be automatically recognized next time I turn it on and it works like a charm!

I hope these simple step by step instructions help you out if you’ve been putting off taking advantage of your mobile hotspot.

Verizon Ambassadors

I am a Verizon Ambassador. I have been given a Samsung Galaxy SIII and three months of service in return I will provide my honest feedback.

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