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Lets celebrate Mothers Day by celebrating all mothers

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Imagine walking to the hospital while in labor. How about not being able to afford proper care for yourself during pregnancy and postpartum care? Local staff not being properly trained on how to take care of you if an emergency cesarean is required, or the lack of medicine if needed? These are frightening things for a woman to hear about but sadly they are fact. Even in this current day there is a lack of maternal care around the world.
It’s a scary reality for those who are affected by these situations but it’s one that can be easily prevented. Moms4Moms was started by Holly Pavlika from Mom-entum along with 12 other amazing bloggers to bring awareness and help to Every Mother Counts
Last year approximately $14.6 billion was spent on Mothers Day presents. This Mothers Day instead of buying material items why not instead make a donation to this wonderful cause. If donations aren’t possible there are other ways to help. 
  • Have an old cell phone collecting dust in a drawer? You can donate it through Hope Phones.They will supply a postage page shipping label, all you have to do is put it in the mail.
  • You can join the movement and spread the word.  The best way to get things started is by word of mouth. The power of people uniting for a cause is a magical thing. In fact as of April 26, 2011 Babycenter is now teamed up with with Every Mother Counts in spreading awareness for this wonderful campaign.
  • You can host a Watch Party. Simply RSVP to watch the “No Woman, No Cry” premier on OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network). Simply RSVP on the facebook page & a party kit will be sent to you.
  • Become an advocate for family planning and help eliminate barriers to basic reproductive health care services.
  • Become a skilled birth attendant an advanced practice nurse who is trained in child delivery, prenatal and postpartum care.
  • Buy a Lifewrap a first aid device used to stabilize women who are suffering from obstetric hemorrhage and shock
  • Support obstetric care to end fistula and restore health, hope and a sense of dignity to women living with this condition.
  • Support The Birth Place Jennie Joseph’s practice in central Florida featured in No Woman, No Cry.
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