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Just another manic monday

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Whoa oh ohhh. Totally love that song. It’s not really a manic Monday, but it is Monday! I’m sure I wont have as much enthusiam when my oldest starts back up with school, but hey for right now it works.

As I sit here and drink my coffee I am trying to decide what to do today. And surprise surprise, nothing is popping into my head. I’m trying to keep the kids out of any public places as per my hubby’s request but man is it driving them and me crazy being cooped up inside all day since last week. I completely understand that my husband needs to avoid getting sick right now but ahhhhhhhhhh, what do they say??? Calgon take me away! I have no idea what Calgon is but hey if they/he/them/whoever can take me away I am all for it.

Maybe I will take the chitlens over to my moms house so they can go swimming and hopefully ::::crossing fingers::::: wear off some of their energy. I just have to forbid my sister (who is sick) to stay the heck away from us. Have I mentioned that she is 26 years old and lives in a converted garage, now apartment, with her three year old daughter and boyfriend. I will stop there before I go any further on that story.

So yes, as I was saying swimming. My kids LOVE to swim. Well my oldest use to love it but he had a scary incident when he was three and well the love is lost. Were working on getting it back though. We work on it every summer and don’t get me wrong, he loves the idea of swimming but when it actually comes to getting in the water and moving beyond the first step it becomes a fight. But like I said were working on it and last time he went in he swam across the whole pool, with floaties and a raft BUT he still did it! Just have to work on his doing it with no floating help.
Quick side note, I took the kids outside yesterday after dinner for popsicles. Shawn has never had one (at least that I can remember) and he makes a mess with anything he eats so I knew Popsicles were an automatic no no in the house. Anywho, here’s a few pics of my chitlens enjoying their special treat.

Okay well all this talk about swimming has me anxious to get my day started now. The sooner I finish my chores (I used to hate that word growing up, now it makes me laugh that is consumes most of my time) the sooner we can all go enjoy a nice cooling dip in the pool.

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