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Jr’s Christmas Party

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Today was Jr’s first school Christmas party. I may not be able to volunteer as much as many other moms but I always make sure I am there to help for any type of party for the kids. It was so cute having the kids run up to me and hug me and say “I remember you, you’re Stephen’s mommy”. I worked at the reindeer hat station. Let me just say, that wore me out! Rotating between 35 kids, tracing all of their little hands and then cutting them out. Little scissors don’t mix with me being a lefty…haha. But it was a blast. I love working with kids. They are just the cutest things. I was only able to get a few pictures but this first one I just love. Mrs. Parish, Jr’s teacher was talking to the class about the holidays and the pj party tomorrow and things that got them excited and every time she stopped talking they all screamed and raised their hands, it was so funny I had to take a picture.
I have to say I really like Jr’s teacher. I was very worried when they switched him to her class at the beginning of the year but the more into the school year we get the more I like her. She’s not as lovey dovey as some Kindergarten teachers but she has her own ways. And a sense of humor which is always a plus. Another thing I like is she has always told me to feel free to bring my daughter who is three with me and to let her join in on the fun.

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