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It’s that time of the year

To ask yourself what you are thankful for. Here’s my answer

I am thankful for many things, first off my family. My wonderful husband who works a full time job to support this family and he is going to school full time to be able to excel in another career. All this he does for his family and for that I am extremely thankful.
I am thankful to have three healthy and happy children. They keep me on my toes, especially my youngest Shawn, he is a wild child and I don’t mean that lightly lol
I am thankful for my parents, I don’t know where I would be without them. They have loved me no matter what and supported me with everything I have done.
I am thankful for my sisters. We might not always agree on everything but they are there for me when I need them, good times and bad.
I am thankful to have a roof over my families head and food on our table. Sure we struggle, don’t we all at some time or another but things could be worse and for that I am thankful.
And lastly I am thankful to be alive to be able to experience life and the joys it brings

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