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It’s done, it’s finally done!

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When decided what to do for Halloween this year I knew I wanted to make my daughters costume. I’m not the craftiest person out there but how hard could a costume be to make. So I got all the fabric and went to work. All was well until I started working on it while I was tired and well just not thinking about what I was doing. I sat down and looked at the fabric and asked my friend Jenny “Why didn’t I cut any of this fabric”? So I went to work and proceeded to cut all the fabric. Once that was done I went to put it on the elastic and realized OMG I cut ALL, yes every single piece in half! So now they were all too short too use. I think if Jenny hadn’t been there I would have cried.
Fast forward to the following Friday (today) Jenny came over and saved the day with tons of replacement fabric. This time I made sure that I was cutting the correct way before I did anything. The end result, a beautiful costume for my princess. I’m calling it a strawberry shortcake princess tutu dress LOL I really don’t know what to call it but I went with the color theme of strawberry shortcake and it is a dress so it works.

The finished product.

Her wand to go with her costume

Samantha was so excited to put her costume on and of course didn’t want to take it off. I’m so happy she loves it because in the end that’s all that matters.

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