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I might have an obsession

With flowers that is. At least it’s an obsession that is free! I have always loved flowers, I don’t know a single person that hates them. But lately all I want to do is take a picture if I see one. Point and case:

This will eventually have a flower

Okay I am sooooo bummed that I didn’t notice I had a huge smudge on my lens until I got home and uploaded the pictures! Hmmm maybe I’ll have to take a trip outside tomorrow to find some trees exactly like this one LOL Oh and these are straight out of the camera seeing as my CS4 trial has expired (ahhhh).
These are just a few of the flower pictures I have. Flowers have a special meaning to me. One in particular, the Orchid. It was the flower I chose for my wedding and I ended up getting a tattoo of three orchids on my calf. The meaning behind the orchid is Love, Beauty, and the Chinese symbol for many children. So naturally I have one flower for my husband and one for my two older children. I need to go back and get my fourth flower for my youngest.
So I hope I don’t bore anyone with flower pictures because with Spring approaching I might post a lot of flower and well any nature related pictures that I find beautiful.

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