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I don’t get it

Just when I start feeling like things might be looking up I get hit with a ton of shit. In this case it’s bills. Our electric bill because we had the old house also is 745 bucks.! Our gas bill is 300 also because of the old house. Oh and I got an explanation of benefits from our old insurance company for Shawn’s hospital stay, that was 50 THOUSAND dollars. I am so scared to see what the actual bill is from our new insurance company since it’s a PPO. So much for things looking up. I don’t know how were expected to make a living for our children when were being raped by medicals bills and just bills in general.
I HATE THIS SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!! Ugh okay done venting, I might go cry now.

  • HopelesslyDevine

    More people know how you feel then you realize. I know for sure that I do! You can do it! It just takes time. (((((SHANA)))))

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