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How to take quality photos (when you’re not a pro)

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You wont always get that “perfect” shot but that’s not always what’s important in photography.
I believe that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and going by that belief has helped me see beauty where others don’t see it. Sure I take plenty of bad pictures but Ive also managed to capture some great photos as well.

The trick? There really isn’t one. The most important thing in photography (as well as in life) is to be YOURSELF and let that show through your photos. You don’t need to spend tons of money in order to achieve that either. I like to follow these five simple rules when taking a picture.

   * Experiment
   * Try different angles
   * Get up close and personal
   * Get down to your subjects level, great for taking pictures of children
   * Shoot in black and white

Landscape shots are wonderful to play around with. Stand up, sit down, get on your hands and knees, lay on your stomach. Each has a different angle and therefor a different perspective to it.

One of my favorite ways to take pictures of flowers is by getting up close and personal. You can so much more detail that way and the shots come out beautifully.

Getting down to a kids level is one of the greatest tricks I have learned over the years. When doing this it allows for the child to look directly into the camera. No looking up and straining their neck and no looking down. Just right at you.

Shooting in black and white is always a favorite of mine. For me it adds a certain softness and classic look to a photograph. If your camera isn’t capable of shooting in black and white you can do a simple edit in almost any photo editing program out there.

While you may not get that “perfect” shot you were going for you are sure to get some great pictures that you love. Just think outside the box! The more creative you are the more it will show in your photographs.

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